Honor Roll

My bike was ready. Then it turns out it was maybe a little broken (because a nut wasn’t tightened enough)? And now it’s ready again. I think. I’m heading over later today to pick it up and hopefully all is well. I can’t put a rack on the back of it, but I did get a removable black mesh basket with a handle (to take it in with you!) that should serve me well. I shall ride to the bookstore, hooray! It’s a little bit of fun to look forward to, because otherwise there are lots of chores and projects staring me in the face. Oof.

Cup of Jo - Color Factory - Christine Han Photography

Honor Roll

  • New York, how lucky are you to have the new Color Factory experience popping up!? I’m seriously wishing I could come out for a day just to see it. (Tickets here!)

  • Arby’s! It’s kind of fantastic now?
    I know the jokes. We all know the jokes. But for real those curly fries were always so tasty.

  • The collab between The House That Lars Built and Winter Water Factory is the cutest. Mushrooms and plants and bugs!

  • We still want to replace our wooden fence this year. I’ve gotten the estimates and thought we had chosen a company, but I can’t get them to call me back and schedule the work! At this point, I’m like, maybe we should do like the Brinsons and DIY it! (But then I remember that I would like to finish the other projects I’ve already started first and we have two dogs that would benefit from a better fence ASAP).

  • For when you need something more extra than a little letter board.

  • Enamel book pins!

Cup of Jo - Color Factory - Christine Han Photography

100 Colors - Cup of Jo - Color Factory - Christine Han Photography

Cup of Jo - Color Factory - Christine Han Photography
Color Factory co-creators Erin Jang, Jordan Ferney and Leah Rosenberg

IMAGES: Christine Han for Cup of Jo

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